To become a Can't Wait Card affiliate, complete the registration form and you will be issued with an information pack and stickers. As an affiliate, you agree to;

How much does it cost to affiliate?

No financial commitment is required.

Benefits of affiliation

Misuse of the Can't Wait Card

Misuse of Can't Wait Card is minimised due to CCA's strict allocation and verification procedures.

If complaints relating to recognition of a Can't Wait Card arise, it is recommended that affiliates try to resolve issues directly with the cardholder.

If there is a concern with the use of the card, affiliate businesses, organisations and outlets have the right to take down a Can't Wait Card name and number and contact CCA directly on 1800 138 029

Please contact Crohn's & Colitis Australia for more information on how to become a Can't Wait Affiliate member.

Freecall: 1800 138 029
Tel: 61 3 9815 1266
Fax: 61 3 9815 1299
Email: [email protected]

Description of Terms

Cardholder: Refers to a CCA member who has been formally diagnosed with a condition of Crohn's or colitis and whose name and CCA member number appears on a Can't Wait Card.

Affiliate: Refers to organisations, businesses and outlets that acknowledge the Can't Wait Card and offer their support in providing better access to toilet facilities. Any Australian organisation, business or outlet is eligible to become a Can't Wait Affiliate member.